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45 cu ft (36 bu) 12-Volt Electric Drive Cover Crop Seeder

45 cu. ft. Orbit-Air with 24-Outlets and Split Shaft
Product ID: 6245RDS24-S

45 cu. ft., (approx. 36 bushels) 24-outlets, split shaft, two clutches with 12-volt, 25-amp motor in place. Comes with weather-tight cover and latches. Black (C) metering wheels are installed for low rates of cover crops .  Also includes red (F) metering wheels for high rates of cover crops (not for use with fertilizer). Unit is ideal for vertical tillage tools and other implements with foldable wings as the air manifold features left and right discharge so tubing goes directly to each wing without any unecessary bends and loops.

Price: $15,008.00