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10-ft. Linear Applicator

10-ft. Linear Applicator
Product ID: 410L

410L Linear Seeder/Chemical Applicator. 10-ft., 5 cu. ft., 20-outlet hopper with stainless steel bottom and slide plus mounting rail. Ideal for heavy-core granules or sowing seeds when mounted on field implements for pre-plant appliations. Includes weather tight lid with latches and 5-bladed rubber rotor bar for internal agitation. Standard hand-lever shutoff. Note: hydraulic or electric drive ordered separately along with optional hydraulic shutoff. User supplies all hydraulic hoses and fittings.

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User Supplies 1/4" hydraulic hoses, couplers and NPT fitting
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Linear Seeder/Chemical Applicator for Mounting on Field Implements 


  • 1/2 cu. ft. or 20-lb/ft. per ft. capacity
  • Internal hexagon shaft with 5-bladed resilient rubber rotor
  • 2" x 2" mounting bracket and rail
  • 2" diamond tool bar included
  • Bronze sleeve bearings are porous and oil impregnated
  • Operator manual and rate charts

User must provide mounting brackets, posts, etc. to install hopper on parent implement. If ordering the optional hydraulic shutoff, user to supply 1/4" hydraulic hoses for pressure and return lines along with a 1/4" NPT fitting. User's selecting hydraulic drive will need to supply 1/2" hydraulic hoses for pressure and return lines and a 1/2" NPT fitting.

Can I connect multiple hoppers together?

Yes. Connector package for second hopper is No. 24218.

How do I attach the hopper to the implement?

A 2-inch diamond tool bar is supplied. However, user must provide mounting brackets, posts, etc. to install hopper on parent implement.

What are my drive options to turn the rotor bar?

A ¼-hp, 12V electric drive (24223) can run up to 19-ft. of hopper and a hydraulic drive (24219) is offered.

What sizes are available?

Available in lengths of 5-ft. and 10-ft.

What type of seeds can be used?

Alfalfa, Alsike Clover, Brome, Kentucky Blue Grass, Ladino Clover, Medium Red Clover, Millet, Rye Grass, Sudan, Sweet Clover, Timothy. Millet, Argentine Rape, Yellow Mustard, etc.