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Gandy Professional Turf Maintenance Equipment for golf courses, athletic fields, facility managers, groundskeepers, landscapers and homeowners.

Gandy Company offers a complete line of drop spreaders, lawn rollers, and turf brushes to choose from.

For every purpose, turf manager to homeowner, Gandy has a full line of drop spreaders. Model 42 spreaders make accurate, professional applications of dry free-flowing materials. 24-inch and 36-inch width models are easy to maneuver around ornamentals and small lawns areas with push handles. Model 36 is available with tractor hitch for other applications. 

Rugged lawn rollers designed to meet the demands of golf courses, landscaping/ground care services, homeowners and equipment rental dealers who need compact, easily serviceable units for superior performance.

Five independent models in two, three and four-foot sizes, plus two gang roller models in 6-foot and 12-foot sizes offer a choice of rolling weights.

Use it to fertilize, seed, apply herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, nematicides. They're built for durability and accuracy. Models in the 65-series are ideal companions for lawn-and-garden use, nurseries, research stations or utility tractors used in turf work of parks, estates and golf courses. Models in the 4-ft. and 5-ft. sizes can be ordered with a handle for maneuverability in small areas or around trees and obstructions. 

10T Series

Precise application of seed, granular chemcial and fertilizer is a big reason to own your own 10T-Series spreader. Application is precise because of the factory-mated bottom and slide. Rates are adjusted to your ground application speed by a direct-acting cam gauge. You apply product uniformly across the spreader widths with no fertilizer, seed or chemical tossed into fence rows or ditch banks and wasted. Available in 6, 8, 10 and 12-ft spreading widths. 

Simply a proven better way to brush!

The patented angled double-diamond brushes of the Gandy Sweep Master blends light or heavy top dressing and other turf building materials into the surface of greens, tees and fairways. Great for incorporating crumb-rubber into synthetic playing surfaces. 

measuring wheels

Gandy land measuring wheels are engineered to be rugged, yet versatile, compact and dependable. They make measuring distances and computing area simple. Measuring wheels record distances in feet or meters as fast as you can walk and subtract distance when direction is reversed. Comes with a quick-reset counter. Available models include a 5-ft, 10-ft. and a 1.5M metric measuring wheel.