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12-ft. Gang Roller with Three 24" x 48" Rollers

12-ft. Gang Roller
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12-ft. gang-roller features three, 24" x 48" steel lawn rollers made from sturdy 11-gauge steel. Features a 1" full-length axle running through the entire drums. Rolled edges on each drum to prevent turf damage, grease fittings on removable bearings, spring-loaded scraper to keep drums clean, 2" fill opening with expansion plug and a rugged steel tow hitch. Empty weight of 750 lbs., and 3,100 lbs., water-filled.

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12-ft. Gang Roller


  • 11-gauge steel with 1-inch full-length axle
  • Rolled edges on each drum
  • Grease fittings on removable bearings
  • Spring-loaded scraper

Lawn Roller Specifications:

Drum Size18" x 24"

18" x 48"

24" x 48"
Material (steel)11-Gauge


FinishPowder Coated

Powder Coated

Powder Coated
Full-Length Solid Axle (in) 1 1 1.5
Greasable Bearings Yes Yes Yes
Rolled Edges Yes Yes Yes
Empty Weight (lbs.) 272 464 750
Water-Filled Weight (lbs.) 923 1,766 3,100
Fill Opening (in) 2 2 2
Fold for Transport Yes Yes No

Do all the gang-rollers fold for transport?

Only the 6-ft. gang roller using the 18” x 24” drums and the 12-ft. gang roller using 18" x 48" drums have the folding wings for transport when the drums are empty. Due to size and weight, the 12-ft. gang roller using the 24" x  48" drums do not fold.

What is the maximum travel speed?

3 MPH.

Do the rollers have a scraper bar?

Yes. All models have an adjustable spring-loaded scraper bar to prevent dirt or debris to build-up on the roller.

Do the rollers have bearings?

Yes. Greasable sleeve bearings are standard. Be sure to grease fittings on each bearing before use and every hour during prolonged use. 

Is the axle a one-piece unit?

All axles extend completely through the drum.

What material are the lawn rollers made from?

11-gauge hot-rolled steel.

What models have a push-handle?

A convertible handle for pushing or towing is included on all 18” x 24”, 18” x 36”, 18” x 48” and 24” x 24” models.

What models only come with a tow-hitch?

24” x 48” and all gang rollers.

What size is the fill hole?

All models have 2-inch fill holes on one end. The only exception is the 24” x 48” roller which has fill holes on both ends.

How should drums be stored?

Drum should be stored with the fill opening facing down and the rubber plug out during storage so any small amount of water will drain and evaporate.