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31 cu. ft., 16-Outlet with Single Shaft and Red Metering Wheels for Cover Crop & Fertilizer (Model # 6631FS16F)

31 cu. ft., 16-Outlet with Single Shaft
Product ID: 6631FS16F
  • 31 cu. ft., (approx. 24.8 bushels or 1395 lb. granular chemical capacity)
  • 16-outlets, single shaft, no clutch
  • Raven hydraulic motor control system for speed compensated rates. (Includes Raven 600 Controller)
  • Hydraulic blower driven by a 3-port, 8-GPM hydraulic blower motor producing 8-20 oz. of air pressure
    • 10-ft. of hydraulic hose is supplied for input and outlet ports - user to supply additional hydraulic hose and couplers
  • Hydraulic control integrates with the hydraulic-driven blower and delivers greater power to the metering system. Both hydraulic drive and the blower operate with the same set of hydraulic hoses.
  • Metering Wheels
    • Red (Installed)
    • Black (Purchased Separately)
    • Yellow  (Purchased Separately)
    • White  (Purchased Separately)
  • Maximum broadcast width of 40 feet at deflector spacing not exceeding 30".
  • Unit comes mounted to a 3" x 3" square steel tubular mounting frame - operator may need to provide additional tubing, brackets, etc., to clear cylinders, leveling bars, etc., when attaching to parent implement.   
  • Hopper extension is available to add  8.5 cu ft (6.8 bushels) of capacity.
  • Weather-tight cover and latches.
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Guide: 300-ft - 10-18 Outlets
For Users Already Owning a Model 440, 600 or 660 with Granular Revision
For user that own a Raven radar interface
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U.S. MSRP (FOB Owatonna): $21,705.00
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66 Series Orbit-Air Features Hydraulic Speed Compensated Rates with Raven Controller. Ideal for Applying Fertilizer and Small Grains
Each unit is furnished with a specific set of metering wheels. Metering wheel designation is found in the last letter of the model number 

  • Black (C) metering wheel for granular chemicals and seeds at low rates such as alfalfa, canola, etc.
  • Red (F) metering wheel for fertilizer and small seeds at high rates such as rice, wheat, etc.
  • White (S) metering wheel for large seeds such as soybeans and field peas
  • Yellow (V) metering wheel for higher rates of fertilizer (applies 1.6 times more than red metering wheel)

Please note that black poly tubing is recommended for fertilizer applications and flexible tubing is recommended for granular chemical and seed


Raven in-cab monitor allows user to preset two rates and vary rates on the go - maintains distance, area and volume information

  • Variable speed hydraulic drive motor
  • Speed sensor magnet with 20-ft. cable
  • 22-ft. cabling from clutches and rate control processor
  • Internal sieve screen
  • Cover
  • Individual metering wheels for each opening
  • Slide closures for each opening
  • Cleanout chute
  • Sight window
  • 3-port, 8-gpm hydraulic blower motor (uses tractor's hydraulic system - 3rd port is for case drain back to reservoir)
  • Produces 8-20 oz. of air pressure (adjustable for type of material being metered)
  • 10-ft of hydraulic hose is supplied (user to supply hose couplers)
  • Mixing chambers require 1-inch I.D. hose unless noted
  • Operator's manual and rate charts supplied
  • May deduct Raven console if user has a model 600, 660 or 440 equivalent that has been updated to granular readout
  • Built-to-order

Extra Mounting Equipment: User may need to provide additional tubing to mount hopper on parent implement to clear cylinders, leveling bars, etc. Deflectors, if ordered, may need to have mounting angle cut or altered to mount on parent implement.

Dimensions (for reference purposes only)


 *Weights are approximate (fertilizer capacity calculated at 60 lbs./cu. ft.)
**Outlets can be individually closed

Are Orbit-Air models designed for specific implements?

No. All Orbit-Air models are equipped with a rectangular, universal tubular steel frame mounting base.

Are there any special metering wheels for large seeds?

Yes. A white metering wheel is available for large seeds such as soybeans, field peas, etc.

Can fertilizer be used in the Orbit-Air?

Yes. Fertilizer can be used in an Orbit-Air that is equipped with red or yellow metering wheels. Application rates are determined by the density of the fertilizer in pounds per cubic foot. Models which have an “N” in the model number are not recommended for fertilizer.

What do the size of the mixing chambers have to do with application rates for fertilizer?

In fertilizer applications, Orbit-Air models with a 1-inch standard mixing chamber apply a maximum of approximately 180 lbs.,  per acre based on 30-inch spacing at 6 mph. 1-1/4 inch mixing chambers apply a maximum of approximately 250 lbs., per acre based on 30-inch spacing at 6 mph. On units with 2-inch mixing chambers they can apply a maximum of approximately 300 lbs., per acre at 6 mph. If higher rates are needed, the operator may choose to place two tubes to one row - provided the Orbit-Air has available outlets.

Can Lock ‘N Load lids be added to the hopper?

Yes. Hopper lids can be die cut and Lock ‘N Load valves can be installed at the factory. Please note this is a special order.

Do all 66-series Orbit-Air models have a hydraulic blower?

Yes. The blower is driven by a 3-port, 8-gpm hydraulic motor that uses the tractor’s hydraulic system to produce 8-20 oz. of air pressure depending on the recommendation for the product being applied.

How are rates controlled?

The 66-series Orbit-Air is equipped with a hydraulic motor that is linked to a Raven control console that uses a ground speed sensor to automatically adjust rates on the go.

I don’t have room on the implement to mount the Orbit-Air. Are there any other options?

For smaller units – 21.9 and 30 cu. ft. hopper sizes there are pedestal mounts for the hitch. Part no. 62170 is for an 8" x 12" rectangular tube and part no. 62172 is for an 8" x 10" rectangular tube.

I’m replacing the hi-temperature sleeve and couplers on the shaft between the hydraulic motor and blower. What are the proper steps?

1) Remove top shield 2) Remove hydraulic motor 3) Replace sleeves from the top 4) Reinstall hydraulic motor 5) Attach top shield

In test mode, my Raven will not function?

1) Make sure there is a speed value programmed in “self-test”. 2) Is the console in the correct calibration mode – there are three modes: US is what you want. Ignore TU and SI. 3) A value must be programmed in every key except volume and time. 4) All boom switches must be in the “on” position. 5) When in test mode, the remote “run-n-hold” switch and “master” switch must be in the OFF position to function. Lowering the implement to the working position will automatically start the Orbit-Air unit. Raising the implement to transport or non-working position will stop the unit.

Is a case drain required?

Yes. The third port of the hydraulic motor is a case drain that must be returned to the tractor’s oil reservoir.

Is it possible to block off unused air chamber outlets if they are not needed?

Each Orbit-Air comes with a specified number of blank plates to seal off air chamber outlets. If you require additional blank plates to block off outlets you can order them through your local Gandy dealer. Keep in mind there are two types of blank plates: for narrow openings (“N” found in middle of model number) order p/n 62851-48. For standard air chambers order p/n 550829-4.

Is it possible to block off unused metering outlets if they are not needed?

Yes. Just simply slide the gate closed behind the metering wheel. 1) Make sure the tractor’s speed is holding steady. 2) Check the Raven console to make sure the correct meter calibration number is programmed.

My speed will not hold steady?

1) If using a ground wheel sensor make sure it is connected properly. 2) Check radar cable as the sensor may be too far away from the magnets.

What are some examples of granular herbicides used in the Orbit-Air?

Amiben 10 G, Avadex BW, Buckle, Dual II G, Dual 25G, Edge 5G, Eradicane 25G, Eptam 20G, Far-Go, Fortress, Heritage, Lasso II Rival 10G, Ro-Neet 10G, Showdown, Sonalan 10G, Surpass 20G, Sutan + 10G, Sutazine+ 18-6G, Treflan QR5, Treflan TR-10, Vernam 10G and similar products.

What are some examples of granular insecticides used in the Orbit-Air?

Counter 15G, Dipel 10G, Dyfonate 20G, Force 1.5G, Full-Back, Furadan 15G, Lorsban 15G, M-Peril, Mocap 15G, Pounce, Thimet 15G & 20G and similar products.

What are some examples of seeds that can be used in the Orbit-Air?

Alfalfa, Canola, Cotton, Flax, Hybrid Pearl Millet, Milo, Oats, Sorghumum-Sudan, Soybeans, Sunwheat, Wheat, Yellow Mustard, Yellow Clover, White Rice, etc.

What if I want a larger capacity hopper, but, I’m limited to the amount of space on my implement?

Gandy offers hopper extensions that increase the height and capacity of the hopper, while maintaining the same base size. Hopper extensions are available for 21.9 and 30 cu. ft. hoppers. Roof extensions are available to increase capacity on an 80 cu. ft. hopper to 100 cu. ft. and 120 cu. ft. hopper to 150 cu. ft.

What is a black metering wheel used for?

Black metering wheels are specially designed for granular chemicals and small seeds such as alfalfa and canola.

What is the red metering wheel used for?

The red metering wheel is used to apply fertilizer and small grains such as oats, wheat, rice, barley, etc.

What is the yellow metering wheel used for?

The yellow metering wheel is specially designed for high-volume applications of fertilizer. Delivers approximately 1.5 times more fertilizer than red metering wheels.