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4-ft. Drop Spreader with Tow Hitch and 18" Pneumatic Wheels

4-ft. Drop Spreader with Tow Hitch and 18" Pneumatic Wheels
Product ID: 6504T18

4-ft. spreader with tow hitch and 18" pneumatic tires on steel rim. Ideal for applying fertilizer, seed, granular chemicals, fumigants, fungicides and more. Features a precision-matched bottom and slide with spread plate to distribute product evenly over turf. A secure weather-tight cover with latches keeps the elements out and product in place. Approximately 260 lb. capacity hopper. An optional hydraulic or electric shutoff can be ordered instead of manual shutoff lever. Ships partially assembled.

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U.S. MSRP (FOB Owatonna): $2,813.00
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  • Precision-matched bottom and slide with 1-inch diamond openings
  • Positive shutoff lever closes shutter slide, stopping flow (optional 12-volt electric & hydraulic shutoffs available)
  • Two steel tri-bar rotors are independently driven from end wheels
  • Adjustable angle spread plate
  • Weather tight cover with latches
  • Choice of 16 and 18-inch pneumatic tires


Hopper Capacity (lbs.)260325390
Hopper Capacity (cu. ft.)4 (113dm3)5 (142dm3)6 (170dm3)
Hopper Length (in.)48.560.572.5
Hopper Width (in.)14.2514.2514.25
Hopper Depth (in.)151515
Hopper MaterialSteelSteelSteel
FinishPowder CoatPowder CoatPowder Coat
Opening Size - Diamond Shape (in.)111
Spacing of Openings (in.)2.3522.2602.188
Total Openings202530
Tow-Hitch OptionYesYesYes
Ground Clearance - 16" Tires (in.)666
Ground Clearance - 18" Tires (in.)777
Inside Tire-to-Tire Width - 16" (in.)506274
Inside Tire-to-Tire Width - 18" (in.)506274
Center Tire-to-Tire Width - 16" (in.)54.566.578.5
Center Tire-to-Tire Width - 18" (in.)597183
Overall Width - 16" Tires (in.)597183
Overall Width - 18" Tires (in.)677991
Tire Width - 16" (in.)
Tire Width - 18" (in.)888

Are soil fumigants acceptable?

Yes. Products similar to Basamid may be used.

Besides a hand lever to shutoff the flow of material, what are the other options?

You can choose from a hydraulic or 12V electric cylinder to close the bottom and slide. Please note that when selecting a hydraulic shutoff, hoses from the tractor to the spreader are not included. User to supply ¼-inch pipe thread fitting and ¼-inch hydraulic hose.

Can fungicides be applied?

Yes. Products similar to 3336 GC Clearly Chemical may be used.

Can I apply topdressings?

Yes. Products such as Gypsum Lawn and Garden, Lime Dolomite Ag, Lime Sweet Barn, Miloganite Commercial Turf Grade, Miloganite Fine Grade, Miloganite Greens Grade, etc.

Can I use granular ice melt in my spreader?

Certainly. Most any granular commercial ice melt product will work. Be sure to always thoroughly clean your spreader after each use.

Can I use my spreader to apply powdered ag lime?

No. Due to the powdery consistency of ag lime and the design of the openings on the bottom of the spreader, powdered ag lime will not work in these models. Gandy does have a specially designed 4- and 6-ft. spreader to apply powdered ag lime and crumb rubber. See heavy-duty 65 series spreaders for more information.

Can I use rock salt in my spreader?

Due to the various sizes of rock salt granules you may, or may not be able to use your spreader with rock salt. Be sure to visually check the diameter of the granule to be sure it will fit through the openings. As always, be sure to clean your spreader after each use.

On a 3-pt hitch model, why do I need a hydraulic or electric drive?

When selecting a 3-pt. hitch model (designated with PTH in the part number), there are no tires on the spreader. In order to turn the rotor bar in the hopper, you need to select a hydraulic or a 12V electric drive to provide rotation.

What are jigglers used for?

Jigglers are ordered in pairs and fit inside the hopper resting on the rotor bar. As the rotor bar turns the jiggles move and create agitation to eliminate bridging of material.

What are some examples of seeds that can be applied?

Athletic Mix 50/blue 50/rye – Futura Pickseed, Chewings Fine Fescue, Creeping Bentgrass, Flowers and Grass - Pickseed “West”, Perennial Rye Grass - Medalist Gold #1, Pyramid Bermuda Grass – International Seeds Inc., Tall Fescue Mix – Traiathlawn Turf Seed Inc., etc.

What are some examples of granular chemicals that can be applied?

Aspon 5GA, Balan 2.5% - Western, Eastern & Central, Betasan 3.6G, Batasan 12.5G, Clout, Casoron G-4, Dacthal G-5%, Dacthal G2.5% Dyfonate 5G, Dyfonate 2G, Dymid 5% on Florex, Eptam 2.3G, Furloe Brand Chloro IPC 10G, Eptam 5G, Halts Plus for Established Lawns, Halts Plus Dandelion Control, Lawn Disease Control, Halts Plus for New Seeding, Lawn Insect Control, Lasso II, Mocap 10%, Ramrod 20G, Scotss Pro Turf Plus Dicot Weed Control 8425, Scotts Pro Turf Fungicide II 8522, Scotts Pro Turf Plus Insecticide 8603, Scotts Pro Turf Weedgrass Preventer 8423, Shrub and Tree Weed Preventer, Thimet 10G, Spectracide 6000, Treflan 5% - Western, Treflan 5% - Eastern –Central, Vegiben, Vegadex, and others.

What if the seed or chemical isn’t in the rate chart?

Gandy provides step-by-step instructions in the rate chart allowing you to quickly and accurately determine the precise rate.

What is end-wheel drive?

These are spreaders designated with a “TR” in the part number. These models come with your choice of a category 0 or 1, 3-pt hitch and tires. When the spreader is lowered the tires maintain positive contact on the ground. When moving, the tires rotate the internal rotor bar which provides agitation to the product in the hopper.

When using fertilizer, what do I set my cam gauge to?

Because of the many brands of fertilizer, Gandy provides calibration instructions based on the fertilizer’s density in pounds per cubic foot. Step-by-step instructions allow you to accurately set your rate.

Will the spreader handle native grasses?

No. Native grasses have long awns and hairy appendages that make the seed extremely light and fluffy. These non-debearded seeds have a tendency to clog openings and require constant monitoring.