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8-ft. Drop Spreader with Tow Hitch

8-ft. Drop Spreader with Tow Hitch

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Product ID: 1008T

8-foot spreader with tow hitch. 12 cu. ft. hopper capacity with approximately 800 pounds of capacity (1.5 cu. ft. capacity per foot). Wheel tread 110 inches (with wheels dished in).  Overall width, 123 inches. Includes hydraulic shut-off, weather-tight removable and reversible covers with spill guards and dual lock-down latches for each cover, adjustable spread plate, powder angles, shur-feed rotor bars and removable stub drive for rotor. Bottom openings spaced 4-inches apart for a total of 24 openings. Note: Tires and rims ordered separately. For hydraulic shutoff, user supplies all hydraulic hoses and NPT fitting.


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10T Series Tow Hitch Spreaders for Applying Chemicals, Fertilizer, Granulated Limestone and Seed


  • 1.5 cu. ft. capacity per foot of hopper (100 lb/ft.)
  • Tow Hitch
  • Hydraulic shutoff standard (electric shutoff optional)
  • Low speed bearings
  • Bottom openings are 1-1/2-inches long, spaced 4-inches apart
  • Precision mated hopper bottom and hinged rate-control stainless steel slide
  • Cam-type rate control gauge sets rates
  • Weather-tight removable and reversible covers with spill guards
  • Dual lock-down latches for each cover
  • Extension on rear of hopper for trailering other implements
  • Spread plate
  • Powder angles
  • Operator manual and rate charts

User Supplied Hoses and Fittings for Hydraulic Shutoff:

  • 1/4-inch hydraulic hoses from tractor to shutoff cylinder (supply and return hoses)
  • Cylinder has 1/4-inch NPT pipe thread fitting  

Tire & Rim Options:

  • 6.70 x 15 6-ply tubeless implement tires
  • 11L15, 6-ply tubeless implement tires


DESCRIPTION 1006T 1008T 1010T 1012T
Hopper Capacity (lbs)6008001,0001,200
Hopper Length (in)7397121145
Hopper Width (in)14.514.514.514.5
Hopper Depth22.522.522.522.5
Hopper MaterialSteelSteelSteelSteel
FinishPowder CoatPowder CoatPowder CoatPowder Coat
Opening Size - Diamond Shape (in)
Spacing of Openings (in)4444
Total Openings18243036
Tow Hitch OptionYes Yes Yes Yes 
3-Pt. Hitch End-Wheel Drive OptionYes Yes Yes Yes 
3-Pt. Hitch OptionYes Yes Yes Yes 
Implement Mount OptionYes Yes Yes Yes 
Ground Clearance - 6.70 x 15 Tires (in) 12 12 12 12
Ground Clearance - 11L15 Tires  13.513.5 13.5  13.5
Center-to-Center Tire Width - 6.70 x 15 Tires (in) 86 110 134 158
Overall Width - 6.70 x 15 Tires (in) 97121 145  169
Tire Width - 6.70 x 15 Tires (in) 6.5 6.56.5  6.5
Tire Width - 11L15 Tires (in)11111111

Are soil fumigants acceptable?

Yes. Products similar to Basamid may be used.

Can fungicides be applied?

Yes. Products similar to 3336 GC Clearly Chemical may be used.

Can I apply topdressings?

Yes. Products such as Dairy White Barn Lime, Dolomite Ag Lime, , etc.

Can I use granular ice melt in my spreader?

Certainly. Most any granular commercial ice melt product will work. Be sure to always thoroughly clean your spreader after each use.

Can I use my spreader to apply powdered ag lime?

No. Due to the powdery consistency of ag lime and the design of the openings on the bottom of the spreader, powdered ag lime will not work in these models. Gandy does have a specially designed 4- and 6-ft. spreaders to apply powdered ag lime and crumb rubber. See heavy-duty 65 series spreaders for more information.

Can I use rock salt in my spreader?

Due to the various sizes of rock salt granules you may, or may not be able to use your spreader with rock salt. Be sure to visually check the diameter of the granule to be sure it will fit through the openings. As always, be sure to clean your spreader after each use.

What are some examples of seeds that can be applied?

Alfalfa, Rape Seed, Milo, Rye Grass, Athletic Mix – 50/blue 50/rye, Creeping Bentgrass, Pyramid Bermuda Grass, Chewings Fine Fescue, Tall Fescue, Perennial Rye Grass, Gulf Coast Rye Grass, Oats, Wheat, etc.

What are some examples of granular chemicals that can be applied?

Amiben, Avadex, BW, Aatram, Avadex, Balan 2.5G, Banvel 5G, Betasan 12.5G, Bladex 15G, Casoron 4G, Chem-Hoe 15G, Dasanit 15G, Dipel 10G, Dazomet, Dyclomec 4G, Dyfonate 10G, Ethion 5G, Eptam 10G, Far-Go, Furadan 10G, Furadan 15G, Furloe-Cipe 10G, Furloe-Cipe 20G, Lasso II, Mocap 10G, Mocap 15G, Mocap PCNB 3-10G, Mocap Plus, Nemacur 10G, Nemacur 15G, Norosac 4G, Norosac 10G, Oftanol 5G, Oradam 10G, Ramrod 20G, Randox, Ro-Neet 10G, Ronstar G 2%, Rout, Svin Bait, Spectracide Lawn Insect Control, Subdue 5G, Sutan+ 10G, Sutazine+ 18-6G, Team 2G, Terraclor 10G, Tillam 10G, Treflan 5G, Treflan TR-10, Treflan QR5, Vernam 10G, Vitavax 4G, XL 2G, and others.

What if the seed or chemical isn’t in the rate chart?

Gandy provides step-by-step instructions in the rate chart allowing you to quickly and accurately determine the precise rate.

When using fertilizer, what do I set my cam gauge to?

Because of the many brands of fertilizer, Gandy provides calibration instructions based on the fertilizer’s density in pounds per cubic foot. Step-by-step instructions allow you to accurately set your rate.

Will the spreader handle native grasses?

No. Native grasses have long awns and hairy appendages that make the seed extremely light and fluffy. These non-debearded seeds have a tendency to clog openings and require constant monitoring.