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Row Crop Herbicide/Pesticide Applicators

Gandy Row Applicator Systems offer precise cam gauge metering rate control in either a 45-lb. or 100-lb. capacity poly applicators. 45-lb. capacity applicators available in models from 1 to 4 outlets and 100-lb. capacity hoppers available in models from 2 to 4 outlets. All units feature a bolt-on stainless steel bottom and slide along with a U-frame bracket for surface mounting. Separate packages available with Lock n' Load valves. 

Multi-Purpose Applicator

45-lb., and 100-lb. capacity Multi-Purpose hoppers allow you to apply fertilizer, seed or chemical. Unit can easily be configured from one to four outlets and comes with black metering wheels for small seed and granular chemicals; red metering wheels for small grains and fertilizer and yellow high-output metering wheels for fertilizer. Equipped with a stainless steel metering housing and a standard bolt-in agitator to assist in product flow. A U-frame mounting bracket is included to allow for easy surface mounting. 

100 Lb. Poly Cam Gauge Forage Applicator

Forage additive applicator packages include 45-lb. and a 100-lb. capacity cam gauge hoppers. The 45-lb. capacity units are available with 1 to 4 outlets and the 100-lb. capacity hopper has 4-outlets. These forage additive applicator packages meter a wide range of dry flowable products for balers, baggers and much more. 

Talc Applicator

These 100-lb. and 45- lb. capacity hoppers feature an adjustable slotted bottom designed to provide uniform application of bulky materials or products like talc that require increased agitation to flow properly. Choose from 12-volt or units with a converter allowing you to plug into any standard 110-volt outlet. 

Orbit-Air 12-volt drive systems mount directly to vertical tillage tools, field cultivators, chisel plows, planters, row cultivators, trailers, high-clearance units and much more. Available in 10, 21.9, 30 and 45 cu. ft. models. Ideal for applying small seeds, grains and cover crops. 12-volt drive systems are non-speed compensated. Orbit-Air units are built-to-order and lead times vary - call factory for details.


Orbit-Air Ground Drive

Gandy's range of Orbit-Air speed-compensated ground-driven systems up to 150 cu. ft. are ideal for applying fertilizer, planting cover crops, small seeds and grains along with putting down granular chemicals alongside BT corn to reduce the effects of corn rootworm, corn borer and other pests. There's even a model to plant soybeans and field peas. Orbit-Air systems mount directly to field cultivators, chisel plows, planters, row cultivators, trailers, high-clearance units, or other implements. Orbit-Air units are built-to-order and lead times vary - call factory for details.


Orbit-Air Raven Hydraulic Drive

Get unmatched accurancy with these Raven hydraulically-controlled speed-compensated units - even at low rates. System will automatically adjust metering to deliver the correct application rate and lets you change rates on-the-go. From seeding and fertilizer to granular chemical application, there's a model that's right for you. Available in 21.9 to 150 cu. ft. capacity hoppers. Orbit-Air units are built-to-order and lead times vary - call factory for details.


This 600 lb. capacity hopper has a simple tool bar mount for adaptation to a variety of implements for gravity-fed applications of fertilizer, granular chemical, seed or small grains. You can customize the applicator with just two outlets or as many as 12 outlets. The metering system is driven by a hydraulic drive (non-speed compensated) with flo-control to adjust rates. If the hopper is ground-driven, speed-compensated rates can be achieved.

10T-Series Spreader with Tow Hitch

Precise application of seed, granular chemcial and fertilizer is a big reason to own your own 10T-Series spreader. Application is precise because of the factory-mated bottom and slide. Rates are adjusted to your ground application speed by a direct-acting cam gauge. You apply product uniformly across the spreader widths with no fertilizer, seed or chemical tossed into fence rows or ditch banks and wasted. Available in 6, 8, 10 and 12-ft spreading widths.